Exposure to STEM Careers

It is amazing how much our environment impacts the people we grow up to be, the professions we choose and the habits we nurture. In A Parent’s Guide For Getting Girls Into STEM Careers, Rob Garcia highlights the vital role parents’ play in bringing the idea of STEM-related careers to their daughters stating exposure is key. That is why at Inspire Girls Academy, the curriculum is aimed at giving our girls various experiences with multiple science and technology such as health science, environmental science, computer technology, etc. This exposure not only informs our girls about the different STEM-topics but also breaks down the any stereotypes that STEM-related careers are not feminine or female-oriented. Please click here to view the article.

Rob Garcia emphasizes the impact of project-based learning where children are not only exposed to the various STEM-related topics but are in an environment of “fun”. Inspire Girls Academy could not agree more. The vision at Inspire Girls Academy includes project-based learning at the core of our curriculum. This gives our girls a chance to step into the real-world of STEM-related careers. For some ideas of various project-based learning activities to try at home, please see the full article.

At Inspire Girls Academy we aim to show our girls that the world truly is their oyster and they will be provided with all the tools they need to go and explore it.