The Power of Mentors

“Mentor” is term that is derived from Greek Mythology. Mentor was the name of a loyal adviser of Odysseus entrusted with the care and education of Telemachus. As adults, I am certain that we could name at least one person we would deem our mentor- a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. At Inspire Girls Academy, we want to begin mentorship at a young age.

In a recent article by Gwen Moran from Fast Company, she shares ways that we can help young girls stay assertive. One way she suggests is for the young girls to have adults in their lives that can make them feel more confident. She encourages adults to do the following when working with young girls:

  • Encouraging her interests
  • Pointing out media pressure- including social media
  • Watch your own talk
  • Give them a safe place to express themselves
  • Talk about the phenomenon.

You can click here to see the full article on Fast Company.

Since children are socialized to fulfill the roles they see represented in media and society, we want our young girls to see woman in a career or role that they may envision for themselves.  At IGA, the girls will have a chance to participate in mentorship during our summer camps and after school programs. We will find local Chicago woman in those fields to visit the school and spend time with the girls. This opportunity will allow the young girls to establish a relationship with women in the field that they are interested in pursuing.