What is Emotional Intelligence?

Have you ever wondered how people who have lower IQs can be so successful? Experts have described this as emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ is touted as an intangible “something” that every person has inside of them that guides them in their interactions with others, helps in managing complex relationships, and is drawn upon when making decisions. Given the importance of EQ, Inspire Girls Academy strives to build these skills in our students at a young age.

In a recent article the author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Travis Bradberry, describes characteristics that are markers of people with high EQs. He focuses on the importance of knowing yourself, learning to let go of mistakes, not holding grudges, and minimizing negative thoughts about yourself along with other habits and traits.

You can click here to see the full article.

At Inspire Girls Academy we focus on molding the future leaders in our society. We want our girls to begin to integrate these productive habits at a young age. Our focus on self-esteem, mind, body, and high quality education is geared toward helping them attain this strong foundation on which their future successes will be built. Through our integrated curriculum, our girls will learn to work collaboratively with other students to achieve their goals and will be challenged to work on these skills from their first days at IGA.