Raising a Powerful Girl

Are you the parent of a young girl?  Its probably a given that you want her to be successful and happy, but have you considered how you can make her powerful?  PBS parents has; and Inspire Girls Academy agrees!

They give multiple helpful hints on ways that we can teach our girls to be powerful.

The article explains how to encourage her passions, involve her in decision making, foster their desire to take risks, instill skills to help fight detrimental images in the media, and many other strategies.

At Inspire Girls Academy, our goal is to work with parents to make our young scholars achieve this goal to be powerful.  We have designed our 5 core pillars in such a way as to support the quality of the education but also to cultivate the skills that will help the Inspire Scholar to be powerful.  You can find our pillars under the “academics” tab.  Click the link here for the full article at PBS Parent.