Inspiring Insights From A Graduate of An All Girls School

Kaitlin Reimann attended Mercy High School, a Catholic College Preparatory School for Young Women in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Kaitlin currently lives in Chicago and is the co-founder of Uback.

Tell us a little about your experiences attending an all girls school. What did you love the most? What would you like others to know about this experience?

I still remember the day I did my “tour” of Mercy as an eighth grader and how much I was struck with the culture at the school. After that day I knew I wanted to go to Mercy for high school even though I knew it would be a big change and would require me to meet new classmates. The Mercy experience helped me embrace the life path to be a “woman who made a difference” as the school’s motto said. It was a truly holistic experience that provided great learning at a critical time in a young woman’s life.

What are three qualities you would use to describe yourself?

Hardworking, Curious, Active

Do you feel fortunate from this experience?

I absolutely do! Attending Mercy helped chart the course I have taken and continue to take in life – whether it is personally or professionally. I have six women I went to high school with that are still among my closest friends thanks to Mercy.