Celebrating Your Voice!

Celebrating Your Voice!

Inspire Girls Academy, Design Dance, and Meghan Saletta come together to create an empowering event for your daughter!

This workshop is designed to build self-esteem and confidence in girls by empowering them to recognize, listen to and amplify their voices! Girls come away with the confidence that their ideas, thoughts and feelings MATTER and that it feels wonderful to be seen and heard.

Girls will create ‘mini mantras’ and learn how to use positive self-talk to encourage themselves to be brave when taking healthy risks. We will discuss how to recognize and talk back to the negative “gremlin voices” that try to hold us back and keep us small. We will use improv games to reframe failure and mistakes as badges of courage and opportunities to build resilience – signs that we are trying our best! The girls will also create short dance sequences based on the ‘mini mantras’ they write which will be led by Design Dance.

We will use music throughout the workshop to engage the girls and share my story with them, and together we will amplify our voices in song!

The workshop is designed for girls ages 5-9.

Where: Literacenter, 641 W. Lake St. Suite 200, Chicago, IL. 60661

When: Sunday December 3rd from 10:00am-1:00pm

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Space is Limited